Fibromyalgia Treatment Using Dry Needle Therapy

Treatment of fibromyalgia trigger points usually always consists of a massage. Massage not only treats trigger points, but also to calm and lessen other fibromyalgia symptoms.

However, sometimes stubborn trigger points require more than just a massage to help them break free. And sometimes the most effective trigger point treatment involves needles like acupuncture and dry needling treatment.

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There is a lot of healing power that comes from needle therapy. And not all of them are painful, or as painful as they seem. Rather, they are very effective in treating fibromyalgia trigger points and may be more effective than needle-free therapies.

Dry needling is actually very similar to acupuncture. It uses the same needles that are generally effortlessly and painlessly inserted just under the skin. However, the difference is that dry needling does not follow the laws of Chinese medicine. Therefore, the needles are not inserted along the meridian lines of the body, but the therapist directly inserts the needle into the muscle knot.

To loosen the muscle, the therapist can move the needle slightly, which can cause a slight twitching sensation, which is usually not painful. The needles are left in the body until the knots are loosened, and once removed, the therapist usually gently massages the area to allow the muscle to loosen further.

Dry needling is usually performed by an osteopath or physical therapist, which is only part of your overall treatment. They may include massage or other stretching techniques to further help the body to release and relax.