Every Child Loves A Wooden Climbing Frame

A wooden climbing frame is guaranteed to inspire children's imaginations – and many adults too. Few garden structures combine healthy exercise and stimulating outdoor play like wooden climbing frames or playhouses. Suddenly, your garden is transformed into a pirate ship, the north face of the Eiger, or a medieval castle. What adventure have your children planned for today – and what should you consider when buying wooden garden equipment for them to play on?

Wooden climbing frames come in all shapes and sizes, from basic monkey bars to castle-like towers and playhouses. Even the simplest ones can help kids develop – and provide a valuable alternative to computer games. Naturally, you'll want to get your children's input into your decision (try to stop them!); you might be surprised how their interests differ from yours at the same age – some options will fire their imaginations more than others. There are many online resources where you learn more about wooden climbing frame.

Choosing a wooden climbing frame or other play equipment

As with any other investment in your home and garden, play equipment should be purchased wisely if it is to give years of pleasure – and meet your children's evolving needs for years to come. Here are some of the factors to consider:

Safety – always buy from a reputable retailer

Size – choose something in proportion to your garden

Cost – the only limit is your imagination (and budget)

'Growability' – a wooden climbing frame that can grow with your children

Whatever you choose, your investment will transform your garden and inspire the children unlike anything else. And while you're choosing between wooden climbing frames and wooden houses, don't forget the fun that adults and children alike can have with garden games such as giant chess or classic croquet.