Discover About The Bengal Cat Patterns

A Bengal’s markings fall into two categories, spotted or marbled. However, there are many patterns that Bengals can show. The first type of pattern to be recognized was the spotted variant, and marbled cats followed soon.

1. Spotted Pattern

The most well-known and easily recognized pattern is the spotted Bengal. It can sometimes resemble baby leopards. These spots can be small or medium-sized and are found all over the cat’s body. The most prized variant is the one with large dark spots against a light background. You can know more about Bengal cats at Bengal Legacy.

bengal cat

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Breeders can describe each of these spots in a different color and shape.

  • Single spotted. This is the simplest spotted Bengal variation, but it’s just as striking. The pattern is composed of monochrome spots spread on a contrasting background coat. There is no gradient in the color.
  • Cluster rosettes. Rosette patterns are spots with two contrasting colors, which are different from the base coat. Cluster rosettes are the simplest version. They have a darker center color than the base coat and small clusters of darker spots.

2. Marbled Pattern

Marbled patterns are a combination of swirls and stripes, which intermingle to create a random flowing pattern that is made up of at least two or more colors.

3. Sparbled Pattern

A sparbled coat results in a combination of spotted and marooned varieties. This creates a marbled-rosette clashing of markings. It isn’t an officially recognized pattern but it is beautiful to see, especially when there’s significant negative space between the chaotic patterns. Combining this coat with charcoal or clouded markings can make for a very unique Bengal.