Consider An Ozone Purification System For Your Swimming Pool

When it comes to keeping your pool clean and your water healthy and bacteria-free, many pool owners talk to their pool keepers about switching from cleaning their pools with chlorine to an ozone cleaning system. 

You can also look for the Ozone Cleaning Systems for Sterilization and Industrial Cleaning Units online. Just as chlorine cleans your pool, ozone gas – a form of active oxygen – oxidizes waste in the water.

The Benefits of Water Ionizing in Swimming Pools GEN Global Ecotourism Network

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Here you can find information about how the ozone cleaning system works:

Ozone is a strong oxidizer and is a great way to clean your pool or spa. Compared to chlorine systems, ozone systems clean your water well. The way it works is that oxygen in the air flows through the chambers of the ozone system and is exposed to UV radiation. Molecules of oxygen (O2) combine in O3 to form ozone.

After a service technician has installed a filter system in your ozone pool, the device will inject ozone gas into the water through the pipes and purify it so well.

The water in the pool is passed through the cells of the ozone cleaning system and then ionized with an electric current. This creates positively charged oxygen particles that bind to naturally negatively charged molecules in the water.