All About The Nonsense Word Test In Charlotte NC

Nonsense word test is an exercise from Scholastic that tests students' mastery of sound-spelling relationships.  Students are presented, and then read five short lists (short vowels, digraphs, long vowels, other vowels, multi-syllabic words) of nonsense words aloud while teachers check against their correct pronunciation.

Teachers can see certain patterns of strengths and weaknesses in students' decoding. There are many tutors available that can also provide the facility of nonsense word test. To know more about nonsense word test, you can also browse

The meaningless word test specifically assesses students' ability to decipher their language level independently of their semantic understanding of words.

Since the exercises are all lists, they can be modified to target specific phonemes or digraphs that hinder progress. Meaningless words are used for evaluation rather than learning purposes.

In other words, the student's ultimate goal is not to read the words of faith. There are two purposes of evaluation.

First, we want to know if the child knows the most common letter sounds, and second, we want to know if the child can mix letters to form words.

The correct words cannot be used because there is no way to tell if the child can see the word from a glance. Therefore, we do not isolate the skills we wish to assess.